New Mobile Market Schedule Begins May 2

Starting May 2 and continuing through November, LEAP's Mobile Market will drive to senior living apartments, Roanoke Housing Authority complexes, and other places in Roanoke and beyond where people struggle to access fresh, local food. (See our postcard for the weekly schedule.)

The LEAP Mobile Market parks in lots where it can open its doors, roll out its drawers of produce, and set up checkout tables. Customers can choose what they'd like to purchase for the for the week.

Cash, checks, credit, debit, and SNAP-EBT can be used to purchase food. Every $1 spent equals $1 free on fresh fruits and vegetables for recipients of SNAP, Medicaid, and WIC. The mobile market can also process some health insurance benefits cards to pay for food. LEAP's mobile market manager can answer questions at checkout.

Shop for eggs, cheese, meat, milk, frozen and canned produce, and even plants -- in addition to farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

The mobile market runs every week, rain or shine.

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