Kitchen Spotlight: Spice Titan

September 26, 2022

When the world shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic, Matt Rose channeled his after work hours into creating a new business: Spice Titan.

Recalling his mother's homemade dinners when he was growing up, Matt made flavor his focus. Using top-quality ingredient suppliers, Matt worked to build the perfect blend of spices that would bring on the flavor in whatever dish they were stirred into.

In the summer of 2021, Matt had just moved into Grandin Village, and with boxes not yet unpacked, he began stirring up interest in the community. He created hundreds of sample packets to give away -- and then began meeting up with friends and neighbors, anyone willing to test his new seasoning blends. "I gave 2-to-4 free samples per person, based on their preferences," Matt remembers of the volunteer testers. "I communicated our mission, what seasonings we had and how to leave online feedback. I gave away over 500 packets and there was an overwhelmingly positive response in the community."

These days, Matt cooks up his Spice Titan seasonings in the LEAP Kitchen, then sells them as a vendor at the Grandin Village Farmers Market and online at (You can also find Matt via his Instagram and Facebook accounts and at LEAP's Online Marketplace.)

Spice Titan offers 25 original blends, divided into three categories: seasonings, barbecue rubs, and salt and pepper blends. Matt says his most popular seasoning is Egg-Vocado (designed to put on eggs in any form, chicken, and avocado; think avocado toast!). His personal favorite is the Malabar Pepper blend (extremely versatile; try on a salad, on any meat/fish, in mac and cheese, or in a breadcrumb mix).

"I love to serve people and make people happy," Matt says, explaining what keeps him creating spice blends. "I enjoy providing people with something I’ve put extra effort into, something I'm passionate about. We have to cherish the interactions we have with others and this is just another way that I’m able to do that."

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