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All about local food

LEAP is all about local food– helping producers make a living growing food, helping consumers understand and access local, healthy food, and helping the community build a strong and sustainable food system. To learn more, a great first step is to ask your LEAP Farmers Market farmer! Beyond that, the resources below can help you become a more educated consumer.

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What's in season?

What grows here at any given time of year is the most abundant, least expensive, and at its peak flavor and nutrition value. Shopping and cooking from the farmers market helps you to reconnect with the cycles of nature in our region. Check out this Seasonality Chart to find out what’s available this time of year in the Roanoke region.

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Food Terminology

In the food world, a lot of terms are thrown around to try and sell you a product. To help clear up some confusion, here are a couple local food-related glossaries:

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Why local

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