How LEAP's Community Gardens Work

LEAP's Community Gardens are meant to nurture our food community and promote health and abundance by providing inclusive garden spaces where people can work, play, learn, and share. We provide spaces for the community to grow.

In each community garden, LEAP:

  • Provides garden plots, tools, and soil amendments.
  • Facilitates learning opportunities for gardeners of all levels.
  • Engages the broader community through volunteer opportunities and events.
  • Supports gardeners with special needs to ensure gardens are inclusive and accessible for all who wish to be a part of them.
  • Encourages garden members to feel a sense of ownership and to take an active role in the management and decision-making of their garden spaces through community organizing efforts, meetings, and focus groups.

Members of the community can rent a plot in one of LEAP’s Community Gardens and grow annual vegetables and flowers for themselves, to share with friends, or to donate.

These plots range in size at each of our garden locations, and the rental price is calculated according to the square footage.

At Morningside Community Garden we have three sizes:

  • 4x12 foot garden plots rent for $30/year
  • 4x25 foot garden plots rent for $75/year
  • 15x15 foot garden plots rent for $100 / year

Find more information about LEAP's three Community Gardens at our website:

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