A New Home and a New Adventure for LEAP

An expanded food hub, a farmers market just outside the door, a community gathering area, a small retail space selling fresh food in the West End, office space upstairs, room to park delivery vehicles, and the potential to positively impact a neighborhood we care deeply about. This is what 1027 Patterson Avenue means to LEAP.

At the end of 2021, LEAP purchased a building and adjoining vacant lots. Consolidating LEAP's disparate locations into one well-designed space will allow LEAP to streamline its operations, purchase more food from farmers and food entrepreneurs, increase fresh food access points in Roanoke, and make food more visible to the broader community.

As at the start of all journeys, a long road lies ahead -- full of work and frustrations and dependance on many hands to help us reach our destination. But we feel confident that once the renovations are complete, once LEAP has moved into its new space, once the community has had a chance to contribute ideas, artwork, labor, and dollars, this new home of LEAP's will be a gem for the neighborhood, the city, the region.

Already, we have so many to thank -- the City of Roanoke, cherished long-time individual donors, a community willing to invest in local food. As LEAP becomes even more rooted in this place, its work will branch out in directions we can't yet imagine.

LEAP is beyond grateful for this opportunity. And we're excited to have you join us on this new adventure.

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