Where is LEAP located?
The work of Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) is spread across the Roanoke region. We have a food hub at the Roanoke Centre for Industry and Technology, our mobile market travels throughout the city and beyond, the Grandin Village Farmers Market is held Saturdays in the parking lot behind the Roanoke Co+op, the West End Farmers Market is held Tuesday afternoons in the pavilion behind Freedom First Credit Union's Patterson Avenue branch. This is also the location of the LEAP Kitchen. Find out more about LEAP's Community Gardens here. LEAP's offices reside inside Villa Heights at 2750 Hoover St. NW. (Please make an appointment before visiting as staff members may not be available.)

By 2023, LEAP will have consolidated much of this work in a building we are renovating at 1027 Patterson Ave., in Roanoke's West End neighborhood. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on this exciting development.

How should I send mail or a check to LEAP?
LEAP's mailing address is:
PO Box 3249, Roanoke, VA 24015.

You can also make a donation through our website here.

Can I eat local food even in winter?
Yes! The offerings are not as abundant in February as they are in July, but LEAP's West End Farmers Market is held year round; the Grandin Village Farmers Market continues to meet in the winter on the third Saturday of each month; and you can order on LEAP's Online Marketplace all year.

What is it like to eat seasonally?
Eating seasonally can be an eye-opening experience. Most of us are accustomed to having access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables year round. Often, commercial varieties of fruits and vegetables are bred to withstand long travel, rather than for taste or quality. When eating seasonally, you'll experience lack, then the joy of getting your fill of one fruit or veggie, then a windfall of more fruits and vegetables as the season shifts. Eating seasonally means enjoying certain foods to the fullest while you can! As the season progresses you will feel the ebb and flow of scarcity and abundance associated with farming. Learn more about the how and why of eating local here.

Is the produce at your markets USDA-certified organic?
Much of it is not. LEAP prioritizes buying from farmers who grow sustainably and regeneratively. Few farmers in our region are certified organic by the USDA, but almost all of our vegetable farmers grow according to organic standards. Our hot, humid climate creates challenges for our fruit farmers to grow organically, but most spray minimally, and LEAP prioritizes no-spray or low-spray fruit when it's available. Read more about our farmers and vendors here.

I bought a new vegetable, but I don’t know how to prepare it!
LEAP is working to create a bank of recipes for produce you're likely to bring home from the markets or in your farm share. While we're building our recipe collection, try searching for inspiration at Virginia Cooperative Extension,  Smitten Kitchen, or  Dishing Up The Dirt. A seasonal recipe is always included in our monthly email newsletter (Sign up here.) Have a favorite farmers market-inspired recipe? Email it to us at info@leapforlocalfood.org. We'd love to give it a try!

What discounts do I get with my SNAP/Medicaid/WIC cards?
Every $1 spent = $1 free on fresh fruits and vegetables with SNAP, Medicaid, and WIC. Learn more about how to use your cards at our farmers markets here and here. Learn more about LEAP's new Market Bucks program here.

I heard the Mobile Market stops in my neighborhood. Can I use my SNAP card there?
LEAP's Mobile Market is open to everyone. We accept SNAP and you will receive an extra dollar for free fruits and vegetables for every dollar spent on your EBT card. You may also be available for further discounts. Ask your mobile market manager.

Other questions?
Email us at: info@leapforlocalfood.org or call: 540-632-1360.

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